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[version-11] ERPNext Chat



what is the latest stable version now running?


Only from v11
And v11 is not production yet.


V10 LTS is the stable version now.
V11 beta is released for testing, you can test it in developer mode.


following the successful release of Chat in v11, I noticed that there is currently no way to delete an existing chat. So I want to find out if this can be included so users can be able to delete their chat history as is possible on other chat platforms.


I suggest you create a Github issue…



Github issue created.


We put the chat enabled on our settings (fresh new installation of version 11 today). We can see it on the admin side but can we get it also on website / public part of the system?


Is there an option to show notification counter in chat icon in the bar for unread message

it will be really usable