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[version-11] ERPNext Chat



We’re excited to announce that ERPNext will have a newly refurbished and revamped Chat integrated! :smiley: Comes with Rooms, Groups, Individual Chat, Notifications across the System accessed anywhere on the desk, all in realtime. And it’s seamlessly fast and scalable!

Currently available on “develop”, requesting y’all to test the same. Contributions and Feature Requests are welcome. Issues currently tracked at Frappe Chat 2.0 Features & Issues.

Here’s a sneak preview!

With :heart:️ from Frappe.

Achilles (

News feed option in ERPNext - Suggestion


This is great! been looking forward to this :smiley:


This awesome already salivating :sunglasses:


looks really coooool!!!


I like this function , cheers !


Excellent idea! Good job!


Great Job.




when this will be available ?


On our next Major Release!


wow…!! Great works guys!!!


Good job @achillesrasquinha this is pretty cool. Any plans on making a customer service chat available on the homepage like userlike, crisp etc?


Working on it. Should be out in a month or two.


Good job! :+1:


great hope it will add on erpnext mobile app too .


May the Force Be With You. All the best.


It’s responsive on mobile too!


very cool function :slight_smile:
well done


That is is great news. Keep up the good work !