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[version-11] ERPNext Chat



Only fitting for the best SME ERP. Would be great to integrate native OS alerts via the browser, like most popular chats.


@achillesrasquinha @adam26d Is there no alert in this chat design ?


Rocket Chat Integration would be amazing for having apps for every client possible.


There’s going to be native OS alerts as well. We’re still considering on this, care to contribute? :slight_smile:


Are you keen to work on this?


Como puedo probar esta característica? de forma lo instalo en mi sitio de prueba?


I wouldn’t mention it, if not. I think I would start with a one way push of chat notifications to Rocket.Chat and build the rest from there. I am not very familiar with the Rocket.Chat API, but it looks quite simple.

Edit: Maybe it would be better to make the Chat following a standard like XMPP or IRC than connecting the tools directly, as Rocket.Chat for example is IRC compatible. Using an open standard, would make the Chat really flexible and linkable with different platforms, not only Rocket.Chat. I will think about the details and let you know. However in this case, the user would need an IRC server and connect ERPNext Chat and the Rocket.Chat to the IRC server. They should be synchronous from then.


Is it a frappe app or is it included in frappe V10 ?



It supposed to port in to
V 11 ???

In the mean time you can try out in develop branch,
It is already in from v 10.1


This is meant to release with version 11


Sorry, I am an absolute newbie trying to understand the options of ERPNext.

Can anyone tell me whether I can now install the current version and then later add the new Chat version to it.
Or the other way around: Do I have to wait for version 11 if I want to use the new Chat that is coming with it?

We would be self-hosting - does this make any difference for the solution to this question?

Thanks a lot, help is much appreciated


ERPNext is built to be upgradable. You can install 10 now, and upgrade to 11 when it comes out to get the new features. Or install the development version of 10 now (which has the chat feature) and later switch to using the master version when 11 comes out.
Downgrading your version is not super easy, but it’s designed to upgrade.


Thank you very much @dbone


Waiting for a contribution to this module.


Any hint on how to disable chat? I’ve disabled from System Settings but still available, see pic:


ERPNext: v11.x.x-develop (c209014) (develop)
Frappe Framework: v11.x.x-develop (3666513) (develop)



Hmm, replicable. Will check it out.



@dominik - There you go!

PR -


Awesome job, we will check this out in the develop branch once merged. This is an awesome feature.


Great job, Can we add notifications to appear in chat window? notifications like email alert.
Best regards,