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How to integrate biometric device in ERP Next attendance


How to configure and setup the fingerprint device IP Address in ERP Next.


You have 2 options to do this .

  1. Make one whitelist function in erpnext that accept data from your bio-metric device. When punch in-out one API call trigger from device that call this whitelist function and in whitelist function you can write your logic.
  2. Make one API function your bio-metric side where you pass date and get all attendance information of that date or you can set one scheduler that call everyday and put attandance information in erp.


I am new in ERPNext. I don’t know how to create whitelist function and where to store. Is there any link available?




It shows error while running the script,



Thanks for your comment. I will check.


Can anyone share a working whitelist script sample? Would really appreciate it. I have a Hikvision Access Control system and i would love to integrate it to the biometric attendance module but i am kinda lost as to how to create the whitelist. I checked the article above but it didn’t help a noob like me.


@flexy2ky as far as bio-metric integration goes, you might not have to create a new whitelisted function. This already exists in the “Employee Checkin” DocType.
The function is called add_log_based_on_employee_field.

This function can be accessed via the URL: /api/method/

In case you need an example of how to use this whitelisted function you can refer to it here:

@Maheshwari_Bhavesh, please note that the whitelisted function that you are recommending to write already exists. Also, ERPNext now handles the part of converting the IN/OUT time logs to attendance. Please refer to the Auto Attendance feature for the same.