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Equal sign in emails


Dear Erpnext community,

I recently successfully updated my Erpnext v10 to v12, but now I got a weird problem with emails when I send an email like reset password email some letter gets replaced with an equal sign,

  • I use Exchange 2016 as my mail server and it was working fine with previse version form Erpnext v10.
  • when I used Gmail as my domain mail server I got received the Emails with no problem.
  • I installed a fresh Version from Erpnext v12 and the problem is the same.

Any idea how I can fix this,

Thanks :slight_smile:



I got the same issue here:

It seems it’s a known issue somewhat so check my own post for the GitHub issue raised and upvote it.


ok, I have upvoted it.


I have the same issue in other places e.g. emails sent from ‘Contact Us’ and document email notifications.


So the issue is because the emails are going out in quoted printable, and I think ERPNext isn’t quite doing it right and Microsoft is being Microsoft.

In quoted printable, the correct line ending is CRLF, but ERPNext is only outputting LF. Microsoft, being Microsoft, is not dealing with this at all well…

The addition of the line:
message = message.replace(’\n’, ‘\r\n’)

at line 440 of frappe/email/ ‘fixes’ this although it probably messes up other things (binary data?).

Error in Email Links Formatting [V12]