Workflow in ERPNext

Hi all,

I trust everyone’s doing great. ERPNext has gone through massive upgrades in recent years but sadly, it appears that the workflow, which is a very critical part of this application, hasn’t enjoyed as much attention as it deserves. The functionality is far less than basic for an ERP at the level of ERPNext

I hope we can start looking into adding things as basic as:

  1. Having Timestamps to know exactly what time of the day a transition takes place
  2. Options to send out alerts to specified users on change of state
  3. Being able to specify how long each step in a workflow should take so that alerts can be sent accordingly
  4. Basic reports that can help identify problematic areas in processes
  5. Later on, we can even plan to add a visual designer

KissFlow can be used as a very simple reference:

I really hope this will be seriously considered


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Sponsor it!

Hi Rushabh,

Any way to know the cost of sponsorship?

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Can you specify the features that you badly need?