Who's developing REST/oAuth integrations? [Developers]

Dear developers, I wonder who is working on integration with API’s oAuth, and what integrations are you working!

I have a project that is losing my focus, because there are some personal difficulties and misunderstandings about the oAuth.

The goal of this project is to make easy the API’s configuration with ERPNext through doctypes, making the maintainability of the simplest upgrades.

If anyone is interested in contributing, so that we can achieve this milestone in ERPNext together, would gladly!

Contribute as you can, helping me with the code, or helping me with knowledge about oAuth.

Best regards:
Maxwell Morais

The project link: https://github.com/MaxMorais/programmer

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@anand is the domain expert. We use a Python lib called rauth. Seems pretty clean


@rmehta, I tryied use rauth, but It failed to me according some API’s, now I migrated to requests_oauth, and I created a standarized interface

I need check with parts of my code still based on the legacy scheme, that was based in rauth!

Another detail, the first idea using JSONPath and XPath, documented in the Github was proved unworkable, so I’m in a new phase of redesign, certain processes running for some API’s, but failing to others!

I am now working on a way to explain through doctypes endpoints of each API, and the modeling of each result.

To finally reach the process of mapemento data between the response of a request to the API and a given doctype.

I am interested to test out some API’s. I am currently trying to integrate an SMS Gateway API into ERPNext. I downloaded a demo of PAW for OSX over the weekend and have been learning about REST. There are so many Web App’s out there now (Bank Statements, Groupware, Weather Reports The list goes on forever) that I thought it would be handy to learn. Any solution defiantly needs oAuth support.

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@System19, @rmehta
maybe it will clarify where I’m trying to reach!