Which is the best approach for selling booking and appointment services at customer's house?


we are using erpnext for a health services, the main company business is based on appointments (employes -nurses- come to customer houses in order to care about people).

Which is the best solutions from ERPnext? Customize order sales with appointments data or make events for every appointment? How would you model this?

We need to see the calendar with every service and employes need to see it own daily task, and everything should be correct to generate invoices, etc…

Thanks in advance.

@Jose_Inesta_Vaquera we were having the same discussion last week.

I think there should be a separate appointment system. Unfortunately there is no such solution out of the box right now.

I would go with using Events and adding custom fields to track customer id etc and then make bills based on events (again make a custom link field)

thank you rmehta, we are still figuring out how to implement this. Best regards.

Hello, How is the progress on this?

Me too