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Where is the NEW Data Export? Only Legacy Import able to load Data Export files!

So, after wasting I day trying to understand what I might be doing wrong, I just now discovered that the output of …

cannot be imported by:

Instead you have to use the old …

How can I export from my development server and import into my production server, without using the legacy import tool?

Is there a new Data Export? What is it called?
What is the file format for the new Data Import?

ERPNext: v13.0.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.0.2 (version-13)

There is no new data export. The current export tool is using the older (legacy) import functionality for export.

Until this is fixed, you can use the new data import tool itself to export the data under Download Template > Export all records.

Thank you, Kenneth.

It seems to me that that explanation ought to be at the top of the Export Tool page.

Or am I missing something? Is there some other way a new user would learn of this?