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Volunteers Github Team for Foundation Repo


To be the part of issue tagging team please post your github id here and we will add you.

Following members are part of Issue Tagging team for Foundation repo:

Foundation Wiki
Guide for volunteers

@tmatteson @kolate_sambhaji check invite


Thanks, I have received invite.


@revant_one please add me as well


seems you haven’t added me yet. Can you look into this some time?


I did add you long back. I can see your name in volunteers team


I guess that’s the repository where I am able to tag issues i.e…

I am not able to do anything in (which is what I this Topic is about I believe) though. Or do I miss something obvious?


Yes vrms and I are on the list of 63 contributors

I can post issues but no other privileges.

Where does one find the volunteer list, revant_one please add me thanks


anyone who sent a PR which was merged will be on that list. That does not make you any sort of “maintainer” (someone with certain admin powers, like being allowed to tag issues) or such I believe


Added @vrms and @clarkej to ERPNext/volunteers team.


Thank you Revant


great, thks