V13 "name" in items should be "Item Code"

Hi All,
I was creating an item in stock, and for the item code I entered “item-00001”,

But after that in the item list, it shows “name” not “code”,

Same when trying to rename too,

Just want to know if this is deliberate or otherwise.

If its relevant,


I agree
Item Name could be Item Short Label
and Item Code should always be Item Code

It’s really confusing, but it’s related with ERPNext DocType Item that link Frappe Doctype name feature to “Item.Item Code field”. I didn’t find a good way to explain it to my End Users, it’s a technical and implementation choice that make it hard to understand for them

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But when we are in reports,

it says “Item Code”, also I checked Forms,

Hope this gets picked up for a fix.