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[V12] Project from Sales Order no longer pulls tasks

Hi all,

it this a bug or a ?feature?? In versions before v12, when I creates a sales order and the from this did Make > Project, a new project would be created with each position as a task. When I do this in V12, the project is empty (only links the sales order)… (originally, this had been discussed in Create project and tasks from sales order and was working…)
I think there was no action on Automatic creating Project Tasks from Sales Order only for service items, all items became tasks. Or is there a filter now?

Thanks for any insights…

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I tried the same, version 12 task section break is not available.
kindly anyone can help on this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Balaji,

welcome to the community. I am not sure if this is the same issue, which section break are you referring to? Do you have a screenshot?

In Version 12, While Creating Project from sales order transaction, Task not created, at the same time i tried with Version 11 able to create task automatically based on based on sales order itemwise.
refer screens attached.

I believe Tasks is now only linked through the dashboard:

And thanks for confirming the missing tasks from sales order…

Actually I required Sales Order Line wise/Item wise project(Task) monitoring. My scenario, 1st line item to make, 4 tasks has to perform & 2nd line item has 3 tasks . Now i want to monitor line wise/item wise project status. can you any one can help on this. Thanks in advance.