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[v12] Problems in using Dropbox backup


Dear All,Until Version11.1.35 i could easily use Dropbox by creating the access token in the Dropbox setting.Since dropbox customization is gone from the Dropbox settings,it has been a nightmare getting backup from latest versions.I have read almost all information about Dropbox in the forum and i have not been able to see any valid solutions.
Dear friends kindly give a pointer to how to use dropbox to take back.
This is the error message i have whenever i click ALLOW DROPBOX ACCESS:
“Error (400)
It seems the app you were using submitted a bad request. If you would like to report this error to the app’s developer, include the information below:
Invalid redirect_uri. When response_type=code, only localhost URIs can start with “http://”; all others must start with “https://”.”


Basically the token field was disabled and the ability to customise the doctype and re-enable the field has been disabled as well. Without the token, you cannot authenticate your dropbox access and use for backup. I raised an issue about it some time ago here:

and got no response.


Any clue will be appreciated @wale, @nabinhait, @tundebabzy, @johnskywalker


Hi @Fred1

Following the steps here:

At what step exactly do you encounter the issue? I don’t immediately see anything about an access token

Kind regards,


The issue is simple really. the Dropbox Access Token field has been hidden in the Dropbox Settings Doctype and permission to customize the Dropbox Settings Doctype to unhide the field is now disabled by default as of v11.1.4 (i think). In order to customize the Doctype and unhide the field, you need to enable developer mode in site_config.json.

Previously it wasn’t necessary to enable developer mode to be able to successfully setup dropbox backup as the Doctype was easily customizable by default if the field is hidden. This suggests that as part of securing core Doctypes as of late v11 and now v12, the default permissions is now set to tougher restrictions for Dropbox Settings Doctype.

This should not be the case as setting up Dropbox backup is supposed to be a standard backup option for noobs and first timers who are setting up ERPNext for the first time.


@wale I think @flexy2ky has explained it all.
But the challenge is that going to developer mode to change a core document,will it not cause problem at update as i have learned in the form.
One then wonder at why our amiable team decided to remove the possibility to customize dropbox without turning on developer mode.