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Understanding the Hotels module



Can someone please help me understand the current Hotels module. I am finding it pretty hard to understand various things present in it.


How to add hotels module

I am not aware of any “current Hotels module”. So, what are you referring to?

Only came across a new app being developed (which seems to be in an early state) as per this Topic


Please refer to this doc


I wasn’t aware of that.

first thing that catches my attention is that once you create a new company with the Domain “Hospitality” your get a module named “Property”

also it seems the actual functionality does not match the points in the official manual whatsoever.


ERPNext Hospitality module is designed to handle workflows for Hotels and Restaurants. This is still in early development stage.

Manage Restaurants

The Restaurant module in ERPNext will help you manage a chain of restaurants. You can create Restaurants, Menus, Tables, Reservations and a manage Order Entry and Billing.

Manage Hotels

The Hotels module in ERPNext will help you manage creating Hotel Rooms, create Hotel Room Reservation. It will also help in creating Invoice from hotel room reservation

  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Reservations
  • Order Entry
  • Hotel Room

So I guess there is some mismatch here


There was one Bangalore meetup happened in which participants did a sprint with Hospitality module and created initial DocType creation and documented things in the manual, but nothing much has moved after than in the Hospitality module.

When there is enough interest in the community gets generated, it might start getting developed.


I can spend some time in taking things forward but the current structure looks little confusing to me, may be I have understood it wrong. If someone can share the flow, that would be great.



Exactly. The current hotel module is very confusing. I tried to create a working hotel app for ERPNext but I do not know how to code. That not withstanding, I have a lot of experience in hotel management. You can check it here Https://
We can work together and make this dream a reality