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Unable to Set Default Expenses account

after making purchase invoice entry , it by default comes under " Stock Received but not billed" rather than cost of goods sold or cost of Purchase

Because On Company Master-Under ’ STOCK SETTINGS’ section Account has set as
Stock Received but not billed. So its taking by default that account.
But its a standard.

as per accounting standards of India we have to maintain accounting on " Accrual Basis" and not the receipt basis.
take example.
supposes today is 31st march , so whatever we purchased on that day have to expenses as purchase of material at the same time add purchased material in stock in hand.

Now, as per erp next puchased entery comes under ‘stock received but not billed’ that means on 31st march that purchased will not reflect in expense account i.e Material Purchased a/c.
because of this profit will show overstated.


Please Refer this

please understand my case & give right solution.
as far as my knowledge , when we purchased material the effect of entry should be
DR - cost of goods sold(or material purchased)
CR- Vendor.
at the same time stock will update if passed Purchased receipt then entry should be
DR- Stock in Hand ( current assets)
CR- Stock Received but not billed ( closing stock - part of P&L)

but in erp next purchase receipt is coming under Stock received but not billed it is correct but purchase invoice entry also comes under stock received but not billed which is wrong.