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Unable to import Employee Tax Exemption Declaration from Excel


I am facing a issue where I cannot upload Employee Tax Exemption Declaration for employees. As there are multiple entries in the excel sheet from where I am trying to import, ERPNext is unable to import different entries for single employee. There are many entries and I cannot do it manually for each employee. Is there any other way I can do this?
Following are some screenshots for your reference. Thank you.

Excel Sheet


You’re creating duplicate entries. There is a child table column E onwards. So, for the same employee, you shouldn’t be repeating data in columns B to D.

Enter one record manually into the system and then export to see how data should be entered into the template.


Hello there!
Thank you for replying. I tried as you suggested. The exported file has the ID column of the record (document) which I cannot put in while importing as it is generated after you have created a declaration manually.

Refer screenshot.