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Unable to create item variants


If I try to make a single variant I get the error

Mandatory fields required in Item

If I try to create multiple variants I get the error

Error: Value missing for Item: Series

I assume this is referring to a naming series but there is no place to select one and I already have one selected for the template item.


@JDG Which version of ERP Next are you using?

If you have this issue, may I recommend you click Menu > Customize and check the series. Item window does have series but they tend to be hidden.

You could:

  1. Unhide the Series field so it’s always visible ** Not Recommended
  2. Expand the row (down-arrow) and add “STO-ITEM-.YYYY.-“ in Options field.
  3. Check Naming Series module (you can search it), and make sure that the Items module has a naming series assigned to it. Perhaps someone deleted the series from your database.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you. Naming Series was mandatory. I assumed it was supposed to be but I checked a fresh install and realized that it was not checked by default. Unchecking it fixed this.


I remember why the naming series was changed to mandatory now. If it is left non mandatory then a user is allowed to save an item without selecting a naming series and the system automatically selects the first naming series from the list. A work around for this would be to create a throwaway naming (void-.#####) series and put that as the first option so that the important series below it remain sequential if someone saves an item without selecting a naming series.


I have this same issue. I have a naming series defined for “Item” with different formats depending on the item type (i.e. part-.### lit-.### drw-.###) but am unable to create variants from a template item that has one of these naming serieses applied. Is there a way to have the variants inherit the naming series from the parent template item such that the serially applied number simply increments? For example: part-001 is a template item that can generate 3 variants; part-002, part-003, and part-004
If not, is there at least a way to select the naming series during the variant creation process? I would prefer to leave the naming series as mandatory to ensure convention conformity.