[Tutorial] Setting up company for absolute beginners

For sometime now, I have observed the classic example of developers vs users mindset mismatch, with the Frappe team. Though its quite commendable how the dev team toils on to get the working product out to users as quickly as possible, however there is a gap for beginners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, MSMEs to get straight right up and clinch their first sale. Instead, what has been observed so far is that the first-time user/entrepreneur is bogged down with technical issues getting the code to work, then further confused as to how to get the business logic setup. Even the ERPNext Academy videos aren’t that helpful or completed, as of today. It is painfully evident that the dev team assumes that the first-time users are well-versed businessmen or Chartered Accountants, or even worse - technically savvy people.

In comes Dinesh Panchal, who has made an excellent set of 8 video tutorials, gets straight to th point ensuring there is no roadblock in recording, enhancing and closing a sales cycle.

Perhaps the ERPNext/Frappe team, @rmehta and @umair, should look into creating more videos/tutorials of such kind, rather than just compiling fat user manuals.


Thank you for the link.

This is an excellent idea. I think a simple manufacturing company with a couple of simple products, items, boms etc would be very valuable…

For example:

  1. ERPNext install
  2. ERPNext Initital Setup (Wizard)
  3. Company and banking information (Bank Account and purchasing Credit Card)
  4. Introducing Share Capital
  5. Introducing a director loan for additional funding (of the business)
  6. Hire some workers
  7. Setup Routing/machine/workstations
  8. Setup Items and BOM
  9. Purchase some Items to create raw material stock
  10. Purchase some services and some fixed assets (machines/workstations)
  11. Enter a few direct debits (i.e. rent and interest payments which might be on the bank account but will not have a PO raised)
  12. Configure eCommerce site
  13. Place order on ecommerce
  14. Generate production works order/plan production
  15. Make product/update production
  16. Dispatch product to customer
  17. Receive cash
  18. Bank Reconciliation of cash in/cash out
  19. Depreciation
  20. Journal some costs
  21. Write-off some stock
  22. Month end cycle - Produce Monthly P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow pack
  23. Year End Cycle
  24. Managing Currency
  25. Managing Budgets
  26. Importing data

Whilst there is a lot of piecemeal information, there are some bits missing from the manual, for example, how to deal with company credit cards…

I think this should be looked at as a priority to help improve the on-boarding process…


Seeing as there isnt much interest in pulling this together… I will make a start.

What is the preferred format? I would rather not spend hours recording videos… Would everyone be ok for a word doc with screenshots?



@abbas At this point any type of manual that leads to easy deployment will be appreciated. Currently, sometimes you have to query different search results and mesh ideas from several to achieve a single objective so having a straighline process in a text document will be a welcome relief.


Greattt job !!!
This is absolutely fantastic …is it possible to divide the job into sections so that each n every one can pitch in where he/she has a better understanding


Yes please…please if it is possible write the complete cycle in heading …e.g. if you are expalining sales invoice …please write the complete cycle first as it’s get confusing so as to what Direction to follow
Can it be done ?

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No problem.

I am having to work through these issues so might as well publish my document.

Section 1 - Company profile including factory layout
Section 2 - ERPNext Install/configuration (Items, BOMs, Routings)

I will setup a new thread and start putting things together soon.



Just today i was making a company n it took me such a long time to add bank account to it …i am still not sure if i have done it properly…so any input from you would be a great help

27.Customization (especially fetching values)

I Agree with the methodology of explaining processes not features.

If I want to implement an ERP I have a specific requirement to fulfill(payment for example). A guide, step by step, showing me which doctypes I need to use to complete my assignments is more useful than manuals explaining each doctype.

Don’t get me wrong, we need manuals for each doctype however I don’t think they are required for the initial implementation and we are lacking those materials.


Learning by example is the best approach, starting by preparing master data for the full cycle, then showing required transactions included in the cycle.

By cycle I can say procure to pay, order to cash,…


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One example can be specific to creating custom BOM for quotations.

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No problem.

Please note this will be for a new company following setup.

Can I attach word docs to posts?

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Any progress in this …did anyone make any doc .

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I have started but im a little busy at work so havnt had a chance to put some effort in… will try and get to it over the weekend


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What topics r you working on …is it ok if i work on creating compAny ,generating bom,quotation,sales order,delivery note ,sales invoice…shall i go ahead

Well, I have a process document I created for installing ERP on a VPS including setting SSL and swap etc… Then I have adding a few fields and changing naming series to import some existing supplier data…

That is mostly redundant as we are starting from scratch… you could go ahead if you have time and start working on some sections, but you kinda need to start from the beginning… in which case, you could create the document??? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great job you’re doing. It’s really appreciated. Any chance you could add mysql/mariadb optimization steps to this list? I found that many newbies leave the default configuration and it works at first, and then down the line database queries force sytem slowdown and sometimes system freeze.

I have a possible curriculum and partial guide on setting up, but money and resources are tight. I also had great screen captures of ERPNext 11.

I was using OBS

And here is the structure I had thought about. Please note that this is a Work In Progress. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


@Tropicalrambler This is excellent! My document wont be as detailed as this though!


EDIT:: I have setup a new topic to publish my document.

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