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[Tutorial] Jinja How To : Group data and calculate sum

You can use below code to group data and calculate sum in Jinja Script:

set items = [
{'item_code':'item1', 'qty': 100, 'amount': 1000},
{'item_code':'item2', 'qty': 200, 'amount': 2000},
{'item_code':'item1', 'qty': 100, 'amount': 1000},
{'item_code':'item3', 'qty': 300, 'amount': 3000},
{'item_code':'item2', 'qty': 200, 'amount': 2000}

		<th>Item Code</th>
<!-- group items by item_code //-->
{% for item, item_group in items|groupby('item_code') %}
		<!-- get group total //-->
		<td>{{ item_group|sum(attribute='qty') }}</td>

{%- endfor -%}

		<th>Grand Total</th>
		<!-- get grand total //-->


Item Code Qty Total
item1 200 2000
item2 400 4000
item3 300 3000
Grand Total 900 9000

Awesome :smiley:


Do you know how can {{ items|sum(attribute='amount') }} be formatted to print as currency? I’ve made some tests with get_formatted but with no success.

Set value in a variable then do format variable value.

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I get this error please help :slight_smile:

You may try something like

<td class="rt">{{ "USD {:,.2f}".format(doc.YOUR_FIELD) }}</td>
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this is what I used

{{ frappe.utils.fmt_money(doc.items|sum(attribute= ‘amount’)) }}

assuming your child table is items.