Track status of email


In an email account, there is one feature.

Screenshot from 2022-10-04 11-32-31

Please anyone can explain this and how it is used because I am confused about how it will work and where the results will be shown of this.

I want to track the status of the email if another person has read it or not through an email campaign, welcome email, communication and through direct email.

Thanks in advance

Read by Recipient is the field you are looking for. You can get to know more of this from here.

Can you please elaborate more I checked the code looks the same only…

The above pic is in my system

It’s not working though if the other person has read the email.

This is the function that sends the imaginary pixel for read receipt.

It will only be sent if you have configured it. Just run the following in your bench directory and try sending emails again.

bench set-config use_ssl 1

It should work after this.

Also, note that many email clients deliberately ignore tracking pixels. There’s no real way around this.

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No, it’s not working…

So please can you suggest any other option?

Hi! I tried a lot of times that functionality but it never worked for me.

bench set-config use_ssl 1

Not work for me.
I tried in múltiples accounts and emails apps.

Any idea o we draft an issue and validate it together?

Yes sure, we can.