Summary of Foundation Call on 2nd Feb 2018

  • ERPNext logo can be used by ERPNext Chapters and for promoting community activities.
    Service Providers can user ERPNext as long as they follow these guidelines -

  • It was decided to email anyone who is not following the logo and trademark guidelines and take necessary action.

  • Use of website theme similar to Frappe / ERPNext is permitted

  • We will apply for grants provided by other free and open source software and tech foundations

  • Live Bounty post/wiki will be pinned on ERPNext forum

  • Marketing initiative to be taken under foundation. To be discussed internally with budget committee. Budget committee be decide marketing budget for ads, e.g. Adwords, FB ads on private discuss posts intended for foundation members.

  • Plan for Conference 2018. ERPNext Chapters are encouraged to host conference. Though it was discussed that it would be most reasonable to be hosted in Mumbai with the entire frappe team available. It was decided to keep it open, even though we have Mumbai as a default choice, so at least we get started with the process.

  • Free and open source marketplace - ERPNext Hub. Community can post issues, wish list and specifications here

  • Module Volunteers Group for Hub.
    List of module volunteers


Hi…maybe the and related should be more prominently on the erpnext pages…First time I read this text…Many people dont dig deep into github rgds robert