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Summary of Foundation Call on 12th April 2018


Hello Everyone.

Here is the summary of the foundation call held on 12th April 2018.

Points mentioned in the agenda were discussed

And there were detailed discussions on below-mentioned points

Foundation will review the bounties being posted and make sure proper specifications are in place.
Will proactively reach out to developers and service providers to take up the bounties.

Voting on Github issues.
Foundation will make sure members know about this feature by
1.Creating a video tutorial
2.Post a thread on the discussion forum and pin it globally

1.Foundation will reach out to new users/developers/service providers
2.Also, focus on existing members for renewals

Local chapters
1.Will mentor developers by promoting chapter to organize meetups and training
2.Publish a guideline about marketing activities

Summary of Foundation Calls

Thanks @Basawaraj_Savalagi for organizing a good monthly call.

1 thing you mentioned during the call was very nice which i like most. was to update the community about the progress of our ongoing development. i think this should be part of agenda in every call.