Stock In Hand is not updating

Hi, when i recording a purchase entry ( with update stock) or a production stock entry, the Stock in Hand is not updating. expecting an early response.

Please provide screenshots.
With such limited information. How can anyone help you.

Provide version of frappe and erpnext

ERPNext: v11.1.16 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.16 (master)

Can you update to the latest build? Hope that will solve your issue

updated to version-12, but the problem still remain same as before.


Kindly show the screenshots of the issue you are facing

When I post a purchase entry or a stock entry, that particular item does not appear in the Stock in Hand ledger.

Share the Stock Entry and Journal Entry. There is a DR and CR side of the transaction

This is beacuse the account head is not linked with stock while your doing stock entry.

What about this purchase invoice?

How can i do this?


Your stock in hand head should either be the part of fixed asset or it should come under expense head .

Try with the fixed asset, it will start appearing.

Have you checked Maintain Stock in Item Document ?

But stock in hand is a current asset item?

Maintain stock is already enabled

Can anybody help me?

Please Check the Purchase Invoice Stock Entry from

View> Stock Ledger.

And also

View > Accounting Ledger

The first image is kind of weird. Cost of good sold should be used in Sales Invoice and not Purchase Invoice.

Please check with your company setting what is the default stock account. Or maybe in Stock setting