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Serialized Assets

Hello, Maybe this is something that use to work, but is no loner working… but I am unable to create serialized assets. I was able to modify custom scripts and overwrite the ones in the core, but even if i overwrite them. I am unable to generate serial no’s from purchase receipt to be created, and they are not showing in “serial no”. Here is the workflow …

  1. Created custom script in Item master to overwrite the ‘is_fixed_asset’ data field allowing ‘has_serial_no’ to be checked.

  2. Able to create a fixed asset, with a ‘serial no’ manually within the ‘serial no’ doctype.

  3. Created a purchase receipt to simulate receiving inventory, and checking them by entering serial numbers from a packing slip. ( ability to check packing slip ‘serial’ with physical serial by scanning with a barcode scanner.

  4. after entering serial no in the purchase receipt, unable to populate asset with serial no .

anyone have any ideas?

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Sr Numbers for Assets is a crucial requirement. It is heart breaking to see discussions mentioning the availability of the feature in old version whereas in my v12 I see it not working.