Selling Asset in the middle of the financial year

Financial year is 1st Jan to 31st Dec
Asset is bought for INR100/-
Asset is set to calcualte depreciation with Manual method end of every year (Frequency 12 months)
Asset is depreciatd 1st year INR12.50
Asset is sold 2nd year in the middle on 1st June 2021. At end of the year, it was to be depreciated with INR12.50 on 31st Dec 2021. But since at end fo May 2021 the depreciation is INR5.21, need to change depreciation schedule.


  1. How to handle change the schedule after submitting without adding allow_on_submit “Property Setter”?
  2. How to change value_after_depreciation middle of the year without adding allow_on_submit “Property Setter”?

Below line states that the value_after_depreciation of Asset Finance Book child table is used to calculate accumulated depration in Sales Invoice while making gl entries during sale of asset.

Anybody else faced similar issue?