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Same item but different cost of purchases

Let’s say I have multiple same items purchases from

  • Costco at $1
  • Amazon at $2

I believe we should add both items into the same inventory as they are the same item.

But once selling, since both items have different cost price, let’s assume I want a 30% margin, is there a way I sell the Costco at 1.30$ and Amazon at 2.60$?

I am not sure how that works.

How do you track cost of good sold since it’s 2 different cost price?

You cannot do it if you’re using moving average as when you add stock the valuation rate will get averaged out. So at the end of the day, it’s cost of goods sold will be the average valuation rate. You can sell both items at the same selling price as the Amazon item

that takes too long to modify each item if each item has a different price everytime.

is there a way to track like once the item is sold after a x number, it goes back to the other price?