Sales user cannot see dashboard chart

Sales user have all the necessary permission set regarding dashboard and dashboard chart as follows

Still a sales user is unable to see the dashboard chart and it gives the following prompt

Can somebody please advice…

I am not sure, this might help:

Thank you for replying!
I have kept the dashboard chart as public,still not able to see

Can I ask what charts are you trying to provide the permission to this Sales User?

It is for custom doctype

Alright, is this custom chart called Group By appearing under Dashboard Chart list?

Here… this is what it is looking like from sales user login

The permission is set for sales user to read dashboard chart

Dashboard chart named Group By should be visible in the Dashboard Chart list. From here, you will be able to assign that chart to the “CRM Dashboard”.

it is visible from the system manager/administrator login.
and i have assigned a same permissions as system manager have for dashboard to sales user

System manager’s permission to dashboard

Sales user’s pemission to dashboard

Dashboard chart from system manager account

Dashboard chart from sales user account

basically i am able to see dashbaord from system manager account and not from sales user account

Any idea why dashboard type “group by” is not visible?

At this point, I am assuming, since the Sales user isn’t assigned “Only if creator” this should work for you.
You can do also one thing, you can assign user-permission specifically and allow the document “Dashboard”.

Yes… sales user isn’t assigned “Only if Creator”

Same problem, any update?

Does anyone have a fix for this? It still exists in v13. Could not figure out what the issue is.

Any news about it?