Sales Invoice Address

hi guys!
i have a question about the section Address of the sales invoice.
when i create a SI from a SO, the customer address will be filled by a random Address, since this client has more than 1 “billing and shipping address”, why it won’t take the same address of the SO, even if i leave the Address Blank in the SO, it will be filled randomly in the SI. i need to stop this.
can someone help plz.

There are two checkboxes in the address screen : Preferred Shipping address and Preferred Billing address. Please make sure to have them ticked for relevant address to avoid this issue.

dear rushikesherp,

this isnt the solution because its unchecked for all the address since this client dont have a preferred one.
let me re=explain the problem
if i created a SO and in the Address Section, i leave the Customer Address Blank, when i create a SI from it, this section will be filled randomly in the SI with any Address of this client.
how can i manage to take it as it is from the SO?

Dear Perla,

Any Sales Invoice should ideally have an address if it has been entered in the address list. If you want to send out one without the address then I’d suggest building a print format that does not have an address on it. And for the first issue there must be something wrong with the setup, as by default the ERP always picks up the Sales order address in the sales invoice address.

Rushikesh Parekh

one more question plz.
which part in the code is responsible for showing a random address in this field?
do you have any idea?