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Salary sheet or report for all staff in the company



Where can I find a page which I can view all active staff with their salary information on same page for a certain month? I tried the report but it doesn’t work at all or doesn’t show what we need, I tried payroll feature but it doesn’t show salary information there.

We expect a page with these information and we can export to CSV with some information like name, account number, amount so we can import into our payment account and transfer money.



Once the payroll is processed, you can view detailed report of all employees in Salary register. You can also export the report in excel or pdf. Screenshot attached:



Thanks. It seems to be exactly what we are looking for. I have another question (seems to be a bug).

Lets say I have a salary structure assignment for a staff starting from 1/1/2019 then I have a new salary structure assignment starting from 16/7/2019. Then I generate payslip for the staff for monthly salary from 1/7/2019 to 31/7/2019 then look like ERPNext consider new salary structure assignment for whole July 2019. Is this something wrong or expected ?



So this is not a bug, the feature is designed this way, the system will take the new structure assigned. There will be a conflict if there are 2 structures assigned, which one the system should take?

You can always make a change in the salary structure from 1st of the month to avoid this. (If there is any increment)



I thought we could count payment days and apply correct salary according each period (1st to 15th and 16th to 31th) ? In fact, it is normal to have the salary change in middle of the month.


I understand that ERPNext still need a lots of effort to become perfect. But I just want to get an idea from your view. How should it work in real life for a perfect system?

And actually, we have some other cases like a staff joining the company in middle of the month, look like ERPNext do not calculate this correctly as well.



The system does count payment days while processing salary, irrelevant of the payroll frequency.

Yes, it is. I know. So what you can do is run the payroll twice a month: once for first 15 days and second for remaining 15 days. This is possible as ERPNext has bimonthly salary processing.

So for first 15 days, let us say the salary is 100 and when you process it on 16th, the x employee is paid 100 bucks and then you increase his salary by 50 and assign a new structure from 16th, then when you process the second payroll at the end of the month, let’s say, it will take 150 and pay the employee.

Try this out and check.



But, can I ask? How can we unassigned a old salary structure and assign new salary structure.
In v11, I only can cancel the old salary structure and make new and assign new one, but it’s not make sense if I have many employee in the same salary structure and only one of them change the basic salary.
Please help me in this case.


You can create new salary structure and create new salary structure assignment as needed.



Ideally it should take pro-rata calculation if salary is processed end of the month, but, yes, the system needs a lot of improvement. And it will gradually.

This edge case is covered currently in ERPNext, is someone joins mid of the month and salary is assigned accordingly, then in the end of the month when you generate pay slip, it will take from the DOJ.