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Restricted user to specific company can't create selling document when credit limit is populated for all companies

I have three companies (A, B, C) in my database.

I have many users (employees). each user have access restriction to one company only.

I setted for each customer a credit limit for companies A, B and C.

Now, when i create a sale invoice (or sale order) with user account X who has access permissions to company A only, and i try to select a customer, i recieve a blocking message saying :

" Not authorized for company : B in line 1. Restricted field: company
User X doesn’t have access permission to this document.
Not authorized for company B"

It is clear that the user X can not read the credit limit for companies B and C because he has not the permission to do so.
But logically , erpnext should ignore the credit limit information for other companies B and C for this user.

Any solution for this issue please ?

Other description on this link