Remove name from list

Hello ,
I trying to customize list view and that is my code

<div class="row" style="max-height: 30px;">
<div class="col-xs-12">
    <div class="text-ellipsis">
        <div class="list-row-id-area ">
           <input class="list-delete" type="checkbox"
             style="margin-right: 5px;">
            <span class="avatar avatar-small">
                 <img src="{%= doc.image %}">
            <span>{%= doc.title %}</span> 
1 - I used input checkbox because your own list.get_checkbox(doc) does not work for me is there any way to use this function instead of my solution ? 2 - How can I remove naming series from list ? as described in the following screenshot

so I want to remove #CAT00001 from list
PS for this field , in list view is unchecked …


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List views are re-written in version 5. If you are ever going to upgrade, don’t waste your time on this.

@rmehta my system is about to be in the production I will upgrade later

I found a solution , override render_timestamp_and_comments I do not need it at this case

frappe.views.ListView = frappe.views.ListView.extend({

render_timestamp_and_comments: function(row, data) {


so problem solved you can close the topic

thanks @rmehta