Quanity vs Qty as per Stock UOM

in print format quanity list:
unit 1

Qty as per Stock UOM list:
how can get the wording quanity but with out unit in print format of quote with unit first looks messy

And the feild name Qty as per Stock UOM is messy fixing eith is our desire


Is this the print format for sales invoice or purchase order. A screenshot of the print format will help us to understand the issue better and revert.

print format for quotation if you choose quanity it sows as unit and number.
if you choose Qty as per Stock UOM it shows just the quanity which is great but because Qty as per Stock UOM is so long it looks horriple in the printed doument

For now, please hide “Qty in Stock UOM” from print format, by checking “Print Hide” property from Customize Form -> Quotation Item. We will release a permanent fix tomorrow.

Did absolutly nothing…


still not fixed as of today this is very unprofessional looking… building UOM and quanity in the same feild is very short sighted as different countries have different norms had uom been built seperate from quanity it would have been very easy to uncheck the field or move it to get the desired result.

what is the status of this it really creates a problem in the print format and customer here in the us complain about this stuff?