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Quality Inspection and Purchase Receipt Rejection

I have received one item, qty 2. The item is configured for an Incoming Inspection. I cannot Submit the Purchase Receipt (PR) until I attach a Quality Inspection (QI) document to the PR.

On inspection it is discovered that each of the parts is missing a component (each part is effectively a toolkit, but does not have a BOM in ERPNext as it is supplied against a single part number). This causes the inspector to submit the QI as Rejected. There are two QI’s, one for each Serial Number that the inspector has rejected.

Now, I have to split my single line PR into a two line PR to accommodate the two QIs.
I have to manually update the Serial Numbers in the PR, although they could be fetched from the QI.
If I try to Accept these items the PR will not Submit as the QI is Rejected (row 1 only is checked).

I then try Rejecting them, moving the serial Numbers to the Rejected Serial Numbers box and adjusting the Accepted/Rejected Quantities.

But, even though I am purposefully Rejecting the Items in the PR, and the QI is set to Rejected, I am still unable to Submit the PR. I need to submit the PR to account for the presence of these Items in my warehouse.

I’m in a Catch-22 situation. I cannot submit the PR without a QI. I cannot submit the PR with the Rejected QI. How can I submit the PR without falsely Accepting the QI?

Have I got something fundamentally wrong in my understanding of how QIs work with PRs?