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Production Plan - Material Requests from Work Orders

My client has long running production process, may be up to 2 months.

We have configured operations on the bom, so that raw material consumption can be made ‘just in time’ using job cards.

We use the Production Plan option because the finished goods requires a sub-assembly work order. Many finished goods work orders depends on a single sub-assembly work order (had to customize the sub-assembly section because combining sub-assembly is not supported out of the box). Good enough.

Now comes the material purchase part.

Buyers needs to purchase raw materials also in a ‘just in time’ fashion. So materials needed near the end of the work order (remember this can be up to 2 months) must not be purchased right when the work order is submitted, not even when the work order starts. The system should calculate the required date based on the job card where the item is used, minus the lead time configured for the item/supplier lead time.

Also, when the work order is created, production planner may substitute some required materials in the work order, so the BOM recipe won’t represent this work order item requirements anymore.

For these 2 reasons, my logic would be that material requests generation should be based on existing work orders, not the BOM recipe.

As of now, to create work orders from production plan, it must be submitted. Once production plan is submitted, we cannot generate material requirements anymore, duh…

As the current production plan implementation is flawed for this particular scenario, I intend to completely ditch out the production plan and build my own customized version. But before, I wanted to question the community if anyone have similar requirements and how they had it working out using the current ERPNext implementation.

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