POS module for a coffee shop

Hi ERPNext team,

I’ve been reviewing cloud ERPs for the last two months now. Odoo, myERP just two. Im finding you guys are ticking the boxes Im after. The customisation of the general ledger, cost centres and cost elements I found you guys way ahead. Well done, I`ve really been enjoying reading the reviews and playing around with the demo.

I will be opening a coffee roasting business in 2015 which will also double as a coffee shop. I can`t seem to find anywhere a good case study or example of how powerful POS system can be. Coffee shops work on turn over. Getting customers “through the door” and revenue is all about numbers. I’m after a solution for the quick POS solution via iPad that opens a cash register and prints a receipt. Here is an example of OpenERP module which could be a solution. Is this available yet?


Thanks a bunch.



Thanks for the kind words :smile: and best of luck with your new venture!

Unfortunately, no such solution is available yet for ERPNext yet. If you find a partner who can build this, integrate this, we will be happy to help out in any way we can.

You can also post this request here:


Ok, I have a friend who programmes in Drupal. I’ll ask.