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Pick List will not select items from "Active" serial numbers

Hi Again,

I’m running a self-hosted solution on Ubuntu 18

ERPNext v12.21.0
Frappe v12.18.1

Currently, I’m seeing an issue when attempting to submit a picklist entry - Specifically with the purpose of "Delivery"

I have a warehouse that has plenty of serialized items. All the item serial numbers are in the “Active” status.

When I choose the “get items” button on the saved form, I am directed to the correct warehouse with the active serial numbers.

However, when I try to submit the picklist doc, I am denied with the “… does not have any available serial numbers in …” error.

I cannot tell where the error may be.

If I change the purpose to “Material Transfer” it works fine.

Sidenote - When I look at the documentation for serial numbers it has no mention of the “Active” status. Instead, it explicitly mentions “Available” as the status that is required. I assume that maybe this is a Typo?

Hi Thomas,

So, you are getting this error in the Pick List? Like is it a pick list from which document?

Is there any way you can workaround or bypass the pick list for now? I know you could have thought of this yourself, but I put this out there for what it is worth. :slight_smile:

If you think the functionality is not working the way it was intended to, you could put in a Github issue request and it may get addressed soon.

Not sure if this helps.



I have a warehouse “Sales Samples” with 31 units of the item “FBFG-1-CG-DO” inside.

A look at the serial numbers list will demonstrate that the serial numbers are “active” and inside the correct warehouse .

However, when I attempt a Picklist Entry from this warehouse like so,

I receive the following error.

I’m stumped by this as everything appears to be correctly setup.

Hi JayRam,

I was updating as you responded. :slight_smile:

The pick list is coming from a Sales Order.
Screenshots are above.

To answer your question:
I may be able to go around by using a “delivery note” directly instead of the “picklist”. It becomes a little clunky as I will need to manually select the serial number each time. This would work for the small amount of items in the sales sample pool but will become a huge burden when production ramps up.

Okay. I am not very familiar with the Pick List Functionality. Does it suggest which Serial Number to pick based on some logic (FIFO, Expiry Date, etc. etc.)? Are you able to Save the Pick List? If yes, you could consider using a bit of code to convert the saved pick list to a Delivery Note with the Serial Numbers populated.

Can you try making a delivery note and see if the document goes through. This will tell us that the problem is with the Pick List and not elsewhere.

If you want the picklist error fixed, your best bet is to get a Frappe Technologies (the company and the chief catalysts behind ERPNext) developer or another developer from the community to fix it for you. The best way to get the developer to fix it for you is to offer to sponsor fixing it. :slight_smile: That will solve the problem for everyone.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your thoughts JayRam,

I may indeed wish to sponsor some development.

For the moment, here is more information.

  • I am able to select from the pool of available serial numbers when I use a Delivery Note. This involves me selecting a serial number manually and adding it to the item line in the Delivery Note. After that, the process submits perfectly, and the serial no. status changes from “active” to “delivered”

  • The “Pick List” option allows for three “Purposes”
    Material Transfer for Manufacture
    Material Transfer

  • I am able to submit the Pick List when I choose either of the “Material Transfer” options. It only throws the error when I choose the “Delivery” option. I am able to save the Pick List when “Delivery” is selected. It is only when Submitting that the error is thrown.

I can’t imagine that this is an issue with the build because I would presume that I would not be the first to find this issue.

If others are seeing no issues with the same process, I would be grateful to hear input.

I’m going to close the issue as I was able to finally migrate to the version 13 installation and this issue is resolved.

Thanks again to JayRam for taking the time to reply.