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Package custom app

I developed a custom app on my local instance. Now I want to ship it to another instance.
What needs to be done to ship the custom app from one instance to another?

Please go through this link.

Thank you, I am going to see if it also works with private repos as I don’t want the app to be publicly visible.

Seems like bench install-app doesn’t work. I get the following output when I try to install my app:

Installing myapp...
Updating DocTypes for myapp        : [========================================] 100%
An error occurred while installing myapp:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strftime'

I don’t use strftime in my app so this is pretty weird. Any ideas?

erpnext 13.14.0
frappe 13.14.0
myapp 0.0.1

bench get-app myapp { your app path }

Yes I did that but while installing the app an error happens.

I have an answer but I don’t want to make it publicly available :wink: