"Opportunity" creation based on email

We have an email id called "enquiries@xxxxxxx.com" this email is used INTERNALLY only. When we receive enquiries for our products to our individual email ids, we fwd it to this email id. I want to configure such that for every incoming email to "enquiries@xxxxx.com" a new opportunity is created.

A similar feature is available for “Leads”, but then even if I fwd 10 emails, the system thinks I am the lead and creates only one “Lead” record with content of all the emails. This is not useful.

Any suggestions, if I have to do any customization, I am okay. How do we go about this requirement.

This features is coming to v5. You can create any transaction from an email.

That’s great! Looking forward to it. When can we expect v5? I did see an announcement regarding the same, however I couldn’t ascertain the launch date.


We have taken our own system into production. So a matter of few days now!

Hello , please do you have any link or tutorials to enable this function ? thanks

Check this: https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/email/email-account