Opening Accounts issue

Hi, testing on a fresh V5 install to create opening Journal Voucher for initial company accounts. However, accounts that are set as Payable type are being refused unless the Party Type & Party fields are completed.
However, these accounts are things like Shareholder Loans, Accruals etc and don’t have a particular Supplier or Customer so cannot be saved.
Only way around is to change the Account Type to nothing and then the Journal Voucher can be saved.
Am I doing this wrong? Thanks

ERPNext - Opening Account Balance

Thanks Revant, great video which makes it very easy to explain to customers.

However, the issue of an Account on the system such as Accruals being a Payable type is still to be answered. The JV save or submit won’t work as it will ask for the Party Type and Party to be completed for the Accruals entry - however Accruals may be associated with one or more Party’s.

Shareholder loans also remain an issue as they are usually not a Customer or Supplier.

Any ideas? Thanks

@Ardan Have you set “Is Opening” as yes?

Hi, Yes Opening Account is set.

In any case, I removed the ‘Payable’ setting for thos Balance Sheet accounts and after posting al the opening JV entries and all AR & AP invoices/bills everything seems to balance.