One Account Merging with another Account without you merging them

Dear friends,
If you have experience this kind of error, kindly share how you solved it: In production environment,i discovered that one account could not be openned.Each time you click view ledger from the chart of account it takes you to another particular account .Even if you go to general ledger and select the account to display its contents,instead of displaying its content you discover it will display the content of the other particular account.The two accounts are not merged. Is this a bug or something else.
I have updated thinking that will solve the problem but it did not solve the problem
Help pls

Please Help

Could it be issue related to cache? Can you clear cache for your account (reload) and check again? Is this issue occurring in the hosted account? If yes, please share it’s URL.

@umair kindly help.I have sent the URL to you

Since your ERPNext account is self-hosted, we will not be able to check into it as administrator (or any other user for that matter).

Please share the screenshots or GIF indicating how issue is replicating in your ERPNext account, so that we could try and replicate the same locally