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Not able to get configured same item with multiple barcode wise price in sales invoice

The same item from same supplier but different barcode and each with different price per barcode

We were able to get the price item doctype altered to include Item Barcode, which although helps us get the above scenario configured but not able to get price reflected in the sales invoice as per barcode. We only get the latest based on valid from date, even if i give a different barcode.

Item = NoteBook
Barcode 1 = A123 > Price = 100 > Qty = 10 > Valid from = 18/3/2020
Barcode 1 = B123 > Price = 150 > Qty = 10 > Valid from = 19/3/2020
Barcode 1 = C123 > Price = 200 > Qty = 10 > Valid from = 20/3/2020

In the Sales Invoice, we have option to enter any of the above barcode which populates the item correctly but the price is only shown as 200 every time.

How to resolve this scenario.