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Not able to download erpnext

Hello EveryOne,
I am new to Erpnext. And i wanted to Install it for window.
steps i am following is

  1. Downloaded virtual box from
    Now when i am trying to download erpnext production image from
    i am not able to download it

please help me on that.

Hi Amit and welcome to ERPNext.

Is there any error you see when you download?

For the latest installation, I think it is better for you to do installation using the easy script available here: EASY INSTALL SCRIPT

Hello @ramielian
While clicking on download nothing happen. I am trying from here
actully i need .ova file because i am installing it in window using virtual box

please help on the same

It seems the link not working on click, you can:

go to that page and right click on the link and then save as, it will prompt you to where to save the file.

Hello @ramielian

this link this link you are saying?


Hello @ramielian
What i have done is. I have open this link to a new tab and it automatically start downloading. Is this way is correct?

Well, if it is downloading then yes…

yes @ramielian it is downloading