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Non contributing commercial exploitation of OSS is driving projects to do this!

“For example, this past year, we’ve had to deal with funded businesses plagiarizing or copying our work to directly compete with Sentry. This has included taking marketing content from our website, plagiarizing our documentation and framing it as their own, or straight-up copy/pasting our product visuals. Their defense? “Well, it’s free open-source, and we can do that.” These businesses are not using Sentry to improve how they develop software; they’re lifting its code and assets to build their closed-source products to compete directly with us.”

I can feel their pain!

Edit: I think GPL will help ERPNext in the long run. If the creators of Sentry had chosen a copyleft (GPL/AGPL) license, it would have been much better. Disallowing others to commercially host the tool might also go against them. Not sure how this will play out in the long run.

Ultimately commerce should not trump freedom. GPL/AGPL offers a good balance in my view.


Indeed. I believe this is not ethical to take credit of others work and compete with them.