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No print button

Erpnext v13 with role sales user dan selling module, after create quotation, there is no print action, anyone can’t help

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Have got the same issue with quotation.
We have a sales employee with his own login with limited rights added them with sales user permission.
Sales employee made a quotation, tried to print, it is gone missing, we have seen a quick popup below on the footer with the option to print and send email but then it dissappeared quickly.

Does anyone have any idea if it is a bug or a permission somewhere in ERPnext we are missing?

Hi @dchlaras

Found it is a bug that was already reported in GitHub.
The workaround is to give either (Employee Self Service, Analytics, Translator) role permission to your user.

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Yes, its work, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you This workaround fix this error?
thank you again

Yes. I give the user Employee Self Service role permission, and the print button show up.