New ERPNext Foundation website

  • Typically people are now willing to provide an email in exchange for valuable content including downloads, help docs, blogs.
  • is a great example (which ERPNext folks use and keeps asking me for sign up or sign in).
  • So there is no shame in putting a login wall or asking for email id or asking to subscribe in exchange for content.
  • This is a big part of the inbound strategy (Marketing strategy), which we should follow.

Again, people come to the foundation because there is something useful.
Ask for an email address & promise them updates when new features :slight_smile:
So floating is not such a bad idea.

Call to action wordings :
Inform me when new features are added : [email address here]
Call me, would like to know more: [email address here]
I love open source, I want to donate, contact me: [email address here]
I want to be a foundation member : [email address]
Send me white papers : [email address]
Send me customer reference : [email address]
Send me when new videos are released : [email address]

Footnote : [leads to subscription of news letter]

Make A/B testing. So use different words for “Call to Action” and see which one performs better :slight_smile:

It is trial and error.


Yes I am fixing this, and thanks for testing.
Thank you for the email cta wordings, I think the email grabber should be on every page, possibly a section above footer, and anywhere it is relevant for example on the getting started page, or on the membership page.


That’s a lot of good info!

I think you should really consider joining the marketing team for the foundation.

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In which version of ERPNext this website would be available ?
I’m using v10.1.4, the website design is the same as last versions.

This website has nothing to do with the site you create on ERPNext. This is an independent site for the Foundation. You can create similar site on your instance.