Need to block Reserved quantity for stock in warehouse

Hi ,

I need to block the reserved quantity for stock in warehouse.

Is it possible to do that, kindly help on this.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Samchandru,

Go to Customize Form and make the reserved quantity field Read Only

Thanks & Regards,
Kalpit Shah

Thanks for the info,

I need another help, i want the parent warehouse field in Sales Order Item Table…kindly help on this.

The value should get updated automatically

For this, You can go to Customize Form of Sales Order Item and add new row for the said field.
It will get updated/Shown in all the Sales Order Item Table.


Can you please be little more clear regarding this?

Thank you!

I have added that field already, the problem is the filters are not getting applied,

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Sales Order’, {
onload: (frm) => {
frm.set_query(“source_warehouse”, “Sales Order Item”, function () {
return {
filters: {
‘is_group’: 1

Please find the screenshot, the same filter is working in Parent table ( Sales Order)

But not working in child table (Sales Order Item)

Ps: I am trying this custom script for creating Sales Order
Kindly help on this.


Hey @Samchandru,

To apply filter in Child DocType refer below given code.

cur_frm.fields_dict['items'].grid.get_field('source_warehouse').get_query = function(doc, cdt, cdn) {
        return {
            filters: {
              'is_group': 1

I tried like the same , but its still showing filters applied is_group = 0
From where this is getting applied?

Sorry had some confusion, this code works :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks alot!!