Multi-Vendor Marketplace

I’ve been approached by a Flea Market to help them setup a POS with accounting. We have used ERPNext in our business and think it would be a good fit… If I could figure out how to make it work.

The business basically works like this:

  • Vendors bring in items, nothing in particular goes into inventory. (currently)
  • Vendors are charged a set amount per weeks + a percentage commission.
  • The business generates reports of sold items costs minus commission and rent.

My question is what is the best way to handle this since it’s a typical retail environment, but most items aren’t owned by the business itself. Then how would we generate sales reports based on these vendors while applying the rent cost and commissions?


Simplest solution i can think of :

  1. Each seller is set up as a user with a POS profile set up.
  2. Each seller gets a unique item name. Only one item (per tax group) example: vendor1. item.
  3. Every time an item is sold, price is manually enteted. I think even the price gets negotiated on the spot. So no barcodes, no labels.
  4. Choose profile, choose item, enter price and submit invoice.

The sales by person should be equal too sales by flea market vendor.

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