Multi Level Of Sales

There is a situation:

A company sells products, but not directly to the end consumers. The company (HQ) has Stockists or Dealers then Agents.

Company only sells to Dealers, and dealers can sell to agents or end consumers.

The situation is, assuming ERPN will be deployed to the company (HQ). The management of the company wants:

  1. All sales to the Dealers are recorded in the ERPN
  2. Dealers record their sales in the ERPN (must give access to ERPN system so they can update their sales)
  3. Company can monitor their sales to Dealers
  4. Company can monitor the Dealers sales to the Agents, so Company can know any particular dealer sales are mostly to agent or end user consumers.
  5. Inventory management (in/out) using bar code.

From item 1 to 5, can all be done in ERPNext?

You can give a try…

make your dealers as your customers

you can give access to them as users, but you need to restrict via user/role permission (If Owner) option so they can only see their sales records, not other dealers in respective doctypes/reports


make your dealers as sales team in erpnext…so that your company can track their sales records. I think customization is needed here so that when they’re logged-in all entries are recorded in respective sales team