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Migrating from Sage50

I work with a company that is migrating from Sage50 (on-prem) to ERPnext. The tutorial videos were ok, but I am looking for specifics on how to migrate (export/import) data from Sage50 to ERPnext (specifiacally Customers, Vendors, and Inventory items list).

Any insights, or helpful tips?

You can export data from Sage50 in Excel and then import it via Data Import:

every time I have attempted to import data from Sage I get errors. I have watched the same 3-4 videos everyone posts ad-nauseum, so another link to that does not help.

Starting from scratch in ERP, what are the steps I need to do in order to setup and migrate a company from Sage50? (what order do theses steps need to be taken?)

The issue seems to be required fields that (I assume) that need to already exist in ERp before importing data…is that correct? (i.e.: warehouse default, or tax info)
Just in inventory items, alone, there are over 10,000 items…can’t enter those by hand. I have, obviously, missed something. I continue to rewatch the getting started/Setup videos, but some direction would certainly be appreciated.

What has to be done BEFORE I attempt more data imports?

Best thing to do would be to make an entry via the UI, export it and use it as a reference to add new items. This is the best way to minimize the errors.

Also make sure that some of the other dependant data (such as Unit of Measures, Item Groups) are added correctly first. If not, they’ll produce more errors.

There are around 3 fields which are mandatory to add an item:

  1. Item Code
  2. Unit of Measure (UoM)
  3. Item Group
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To resolve errors check the forum for pointers or post them here for ideas.

Since DocTypes relate and refer to eachother, the import order of a given DocType set is key to build and preserve these references.

Note this dependency diagram!

This may help Data import - from other ERP systems