MariaDB SkySQL?

Anyone used Cloud Database Comparison (SkySQL, Google, Amazon, Azure) | MariaDB ?

Haven’t heard of SkySQL until now. At a glance, it sounds similar to what vendors like Digital Ocean offer: instead of a VPS, you can add a “database” to your subscription. But without having to worry about managing the underlying host. You configure some settings through your account portal in a web browser. Then spin up the DB and connect with the provided credentials.

It’s sometimes a great idea. For ERPNext specifically though, I want the lowest-possible latency between my Frappe Web Server and Database. The web server is very, very chatty with the database. :loudspeaker:

Even a powerful Database Server will feel like a potato, if it’s located in a different data center than the Web Server, with a weak network connection between them.

good input, didn’t think about the fact that sql queries stack up. I guess this wont change in the near future?? I thought there is a redis cache between the web-app and the sql database